Philosophy Of Taekwondo Belts

White is the color of purity, honesty, peace, and friendship

Beginner students have little knowledge of Taekwondo; they do not have an in-depth understanding of Taekwondo and the nature of its techniques and principles. In addition, white belts in taekwondo indicate that the student does not have any degree or rank in Taekwondo.

Yellow expresses hope and strives

The yellow belt indicates that the student is facing Taekwondo rays and is going to reach the depth. In other words, the seed buds are yellow at first and turn green after growth. Therefore, it can be said that the student is like a bud that tries to grow and flourish with persistent efforts.

Green is a sign of defense.

The seed that comes out of the soil gradually turns green. Green is the color of defense. As mentioned, Taekwondo is a defensive art. All of its techniques have been developed for defense. At this stage, the student is fully acquainted with the basic techniques and can perform them well.

Blue is the color of peace.

The color of the seawater and the color of the sky. Taekwondo seedlings are now in the sky and protected from storms. Now Taekwondo players become a tree that can easily protect themselves and others like an umbrella.

Why do taekwondo fighters use a white belt at the beginning and wear a black belt when they reach the top?? What are the meanings of choosing yellow, green, blue, red, black.???

Red is the color of attack and onslaught

The color of war and blood. The color of flame and fire.

Black, the world of the unknown

 The taekwondo player has reached the unknown. On the one hand, there is despair and fear, and on the other hand, the spirit of aggression is found in the red belt. The peace he found in the blue belt has made him patient.

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