Discover the Best Taekwondo Classes Near Me: Koryo Taekwondo Club’s Excellence in Geneva, Gland, and Versoix


Searching for “Taekwondo near me”? Look no further than Koryo Taekwondo Club, the leading martial arts academy providing top-notch Taekwondo lessons near you. We have branches in Geneva, Gland, and Versoix, ready to serve aspiring martial artists in the region.


Why Choose Koryo Taekwondo Academy Near You?


Koryo Taekwondo Club in Geneva: Our club in Geneva is more than a martial arts school; it’s a community. Our programs promote physical fitness, mental strength, and discipline applicable in all life areas. We’ve been offering martial arts instruction since 2016, helping students become dynamic black belts with outstanding self-defense skills. Explore our “taekwondo training near me” options in Geneva, and you will not be disappointed.


Koryo Taekwondo Club in Gland: For those looking for “taekwondo classes near me” in Gland, our expert instructors at the Gland branch focus on each student’s overall personal growth and martial arts skills. With high-energy, exciting classes, your child will learn self-defense techniques while building coordination and physical fitness. Join us in Gland to become part of a vibrant community of Taekwondo practitioners!


Koryo Taekwondo Club in Versoix: If you’re searching for “taekwondo lessons near me” in Versoix, we offer classes designed to be enjoyable and motivating for all children. We help students overcome obstacles like bullies and peer pressure, providing them with a foundation of strength and coordination applicable to any sport or hobby they choose.

At Koryo Taekwondo Club, we believe in nurturing the potential of every student. We’re not just about physical strength and martial arts skills. We’re about character building, resilience, self-confidence, and more.


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Join Us Today at Koryo Taekwondo Club!


Koryo Taekwondo Club is undoubtedly the answer to your “taekwondo academy near me” search. We’re proud to offer comprehensive martial arts programs that focus not only on physical training but also on mental and moral development. Our expert trainers guide individuals on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Don’t wait, join us today and start your journey towards a brighter future!

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Written By Hamed Konarivand

Hamed Konarivand, born in Iran in 1987, is a Taekwondo master, entrepreneur, and a dedicated coach. With his first black belt at nine and numerous championships to his name, Konarivand is a pioneer in the sport. He founded Koryo Taekwondo Club and innovated TaekFunDo, a program that fosters children's development.

Koryo Taekwondo Club is the #1 Martial Arts school in Gex, Gland, Versoix, Champel and Geneva. Taekwondo Classes for ages 3 to 100. After school programs, Sparring, Poomsae, …