The best Taekwondo school in Gland

koryo taekwondo club Gland

The best Taekwondo school in Gland

Our instructors at Koryo Taekwondo Club in Gland are selected not only for their martial arts abilities but also for their ability to easily express their experience and understanding to students of all ages. We at Koryo Taekwondo Club are involved in self-defense skills and each student’s overall personal growth. Each taekwondo class provides individual focus, helping our students to advance rapidly and effortlessly toward their personal goals. Any taekwondo teacher takes their job as a role model for younger students very seriously, showing them the value of moral character, bullying prevention, leadership, and positive morals.

At our Taekwondo school in Gland, we strongly focus on our young students’ development and personal attention. Our students will develop concentration, character, self-esteem, cooperation, self-control, and etiquette through our instruction and training methods. By incorporating these principles into our program, the students will be armed with qualities that will help them succeed in life!

Our classes in Gland are high-energy and full of excitement and fun. In our taekwondo school in Gland, Your child will learn self-defense techniques while building coordination and physical fitness. Your child will gain more confidence and ability in other sports, develop good work and study habits, have an increased attention span, which are all benefits they can apply in school, at home, or with their friends.

At Koryo Taekwondo Club in Gland, we have built an environment where students not only learn the art of Taekwondo but also vital life skills. Our holistic approach to martial arts training aims to empower our students, enhance their concentration, and inspire them to achieve their full potential. Our lessons are suitable for all ages and abilities, and our experienced instructors provide personalized attention, ensuring that every student gets the maximum benefit from their training. Join us and become part of a vibrant community of Taekwondo practitioners!

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Koryo Taekwondo Club is the #1 Martial Arts school in Gex, Gland, Versoix, Champel and Geneva. Taekwondo Classes for ages 3 to 100. After school programs, Sparring, Poomsae, …