Advance your Taekwondo Skills with Koryo Champs Training for Tournament Success

Competing in the taekwondo tournament is the objective for many aspiring Taekwondo athletes. It is the epitome of competitive Taekwondo fighting and requires great skill, strength, stamina, agility, and resilience. To gain all these attributes, a Taekwondo athlete or fighter must have a severe amount of raw skill and talent and train extremely hard. An athlete needs a highly structured and target-based training system to meet such a goal. Standard routines will not cut the increased skill and physical demands of competition. What is needed is an intelligent training program that can set a personalized and incremental target-based program for Taekwondo training. To get to this level, use Koryo Champs classes at Koryo Taekwondo Club to professionalize your training programs. Koryo Champs classes were created for all the Taekwondo athletes who want to efficiently and professionally automate their training plans


The Koryo Champs program is designed for those who want to reach a high level of technical development and physical fitness to compete in tournaments or other competitions.

This training program is ideal for athletes who wish to achieve high results in their sport with a minimum investment of time and effort.

Unleash your potential with Koryo Champs’ advanced Taekwondo training program. Designed for the dedicated Taekwondo athlete, this personalized regimen enhances your strength, agility, and stamina for competitive excellence. Our experienced coaches employ a targeted, incremental approach to ensure maximum skill development. Benefit from a high level of technical development and physical fitness to outshine in tournaments. Join Koryo Champs classes at Koryo Taekwondo Club and transform your training experience. Koryo Champs – where discipline, determination, and mastery drive your journey to Taekwondo success.


Versoix Monday 19:30-20:30

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