What we do in this class:

At dozens of our centers, kids learn Taekwondo in fun activities in a safe and inspiring learning environment with a game-based curriculum they love. Parents love it, too, because their kids make real progress and gain valuable skills while having a great time. Everyone wins with TaekFunDo! The class has been developed to encourage children to use balance, agility, and coordination skills. It is also essential that children of this age begin to develop social skills and self-confidence.

We promote these by encouraging TaekFunDo to share, take turns, and work together to complete certain activities. We use multicolored targets, cones, and mats to ensure the children’s safety. At Koryo TaekFunDo, we have fun activities for kids ages 3.5-6.providing the long-term gifts of personal success, confidence, discipline, and self-defense to your children is something they’ll appreciate forever.


The best part of TaekFunDo training is that students have fun. Students are never “sitting on the bench” because of the sport’s individuality. Lee believes this fosters camaraderie among Koryo Taekwondo Club members. ” They enjoy attending class and interacting with classmates because they always participate. While the environment is interactive, each child moves at their pace.” Consider Tae Kwon Do if you consider enrolling your child in a new activity. The answer is yes: they will learn some genuinely fantastic punches and kicks. Students who train in this discipline will also learn the concepts of respect, courtesy, and honor.


Childhood education establishes the foundation for your child’s future success. Their goals and aspirations may fade if they do not learn.
If your child is struggling in school, learning Taekwondo may be beneficial. Taekwondo leads the way to better grades by giving children a natural outlet for their energy and assisting them in achieving clarity in our school.

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