Empowering Youth with Martial Arts: Koryo Senior Taekwondo Classes

Our taekwondo class for ages 10 to 15 offers high-quality martial arts training, which teaches self-confidence, focus, self-discipline, courtesy, leadership, and teamwork in a fun environment. Our martial arts training program is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Black Belt classes based on rank.

 During a typical class, students participate in a variety of activities which may include working with an instructor on their Form, practicing sparring or One-Steps, working with a partner and a target to learn proper striking and kicking techniques for their belt level, participating in a relay race, learning how to deal with a bully, using the rail for support during kicking drills or using hoppers to learn good blocking skills. Our goal is to keep class fun and challenging!

Teenagers will grow and mature with every class you sign them up for.

Teenagers who study taekwondo benefit from each lesson by developing self-control and discipline. Our senior taekwondo classes emphasize fundamental values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance. Students discover that how they treat others in and out of the Dojang directly impacts their personal reputation and how well they will succeed in life.

It makes teens who have been bullied feel stronger and more confident.

Bullying is a significant issue in high schools across the country, and if your child is being bullied, you understand that something needs to change.
Taekwondo teaches teenagers to respect themselves, maximize their natural abilities and talents, and carry themselves with strength.
Finally, self-confident children are less likely to be bullied than children who are not.


Teenagers who bully their peers frequently do so because they lack self-esteem and are unsure how to deal with their feelings of fear, anger, and aggression.

Taekwondo training helps teens channel their aggression into something productive. It teaches them that violence and unkindness are not the solutions to their problems. All students in our Taekwondo school must respect their instructors and one another. As aggressive teenagers learn to respect themselves and others, they will no longer feel the need to bully.

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