Is Taekwondo useful in real fight

Is Taekwondo useful in real fight
Anyone who has had martial arts instruction or has common sense knows and believes that street battles should be avoided at all costs. However, it is occasionally unavoidable. There are circumstances in the actual world where avoiding one has a higher risk of failure.

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Taekwondo is a form of martial art. Self-defense is a set of physical safety techniques. While some taekwondo techniques can be used in self-defense, the two are distinct. To answer this question, you must first examine your fighting goal.


We’re going to assume you’ve never been the aggressor or deliberately incited street violence. As a result, your primary purpose is to keep yourself and everyone around you safe, which means that any street fight will begin with you defending.


Many techniques, like blocking, dodging, and footwork, are used in Taekwondo to defend or evade the attacks allowed by the sport’s regulations. These skills can help you protect yourself if caught in the middle of a street brawl, but they weren’t intended for that purpose.


Taekwondo skills can come in handy in a real-life (street) fight. Although Taekwondo is not specially developed for street fighting, it can be an effective means of self-defense in certain situations. Kicking, fast footwork, ducking, hitting, and blocking are just a few of the fighting tactics taught in Taekwondo.


Taekwondo is about sport, health, and self-improvement for many people. However, because Taekwondo is designed to be a kind of self-defense, it might be effective if you find yourself in the thick of a real fight.


With that in mind, just because a martial art or sport appears to be a “fighting art” capable of rendering a practitioner indestructible in a fight does not mean it is. For example, while Taekwondo appears to be a reasonably aggressive sport, some claim it does not serve the fighter well in a spontaneous “no-rules” street brawl.

Last Thoughts

Regardless of your martial arts training, avoiding street fights is still the best option. Most street fights last less than 10 minutes, but that is enough time for someone without the right physique, experience, or mental fortitude to survive a fight to lose life and limb.


If a conflict lasts longer than ten minutes, it’s a good idea to use a TaeKwonDo practitioner’s stamina and muscles to flee. Within that time, the police come, potentially resulting in a criminal record and costly lawsuits.


The essential thing is to save your life and the lives of those you care about. Be cautious of your surroundings; no amount of martial arts expertise, including TaeKwonDo, will protect you from an untrained responding police officer whose priority is to apprehend anyone who appears to be injuring someone else. They’ll detain those they deem dangerous and deal with the remainder afterward.


Even against skilled or armed opponents, TaeKwonDo will give you the physical, mental, and technical edge you need to win a battle. Competitions and drills will instill the confidence and awareness necessary to deal with potentially harmful situations. It will also teach you accountability and common sense. That is also critical, particularly in court.


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