What are the basic punches of taekwondo

What are the basic punches of taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art that emphasizes kicks, although it also teaches a range of hand attacks. Throwing the right punch or attack at the right time and utilizing the correct technique takes practice and talent in TaeKwonDo. It’s also a matter of mastering the technique, which will offer you an advantage in any tournament. We’ll go over the mechanics of most of the punches taught in TaeKwondo.


Punches are an underappreciated technique in TaeKwondo contests. Many athletes are so focused on kicking that they overlook their hands. Not only should they be thrown, but they should also be defended.


A fast flick of the fist on your forward arm is known as a jab. This Taekwondo punch is typically used to defend yourself and keep your opponent at bay.


Reverse Punch, Rear Arm Punch, or Straight Punch — The traditional “power” Taekwondo punch, delivered with the rear arm. Spin your body towards your opponent to generate more power as you punch. Because this sport is largely focused on maximizing your punching power, many of these videos rely on boxing specialists.


Swing your fist upwards to strike the jaw’s bottom or the ribs.

Hook Punches are short, compact punches that “hook” sideways and get through an opponent’s defense. This isn’t a crazy haymaker punch.


Back Fist & Spinning Back Fist

Strike an opponent with the back of your fist. Alternatively, attempt a spinning back fist (which is more powerful than the standard back fist strike). You will rotate your body backward to generate additional momentum and strike with the back of your fist in this Taekwondo punching technique. This move has the potential to catch your opponent off guard and produce a lot of power. During an MMA bout, one of the videos in this part will demonstrate the knockout power of a spinning back fist blow.


Make a clenched fist, but instead of striking your opponent with your knuckles, strike them with the “padded” side of your fist (non-thumb side). Try a spinning hammer fist instead of a spinning back fist (for more hand protection than using your fist’s “unpadded” back).



Taekwondo Organizations Have Different Punching Rules.

Taekwondo is a martial art that is practiced all over the world.

Each TaeKwondo regulatory body has its own set of rules for punching and permitted methods. The following is a basic rundown of the many rules of the major organizations.


Only straight punches with the padded knuckle part of your hand are allowed in the World TaeKwondo Federation (WTF). This punch can only be delivered to the opponent’s trunk or abdomen. There are no hooks or uppercuts.


The International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) rules differ significantly from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Punches to the head are permitted. Also, ITF rules allow you to deliver a wider variety of punches rather than merely straight strikes.


The American Taekwondo Association (ATA) has point sparring rules identical to World TaeKwondo’s full contact standards. Only straight trunk punches are permitted.

Last Thoughts

After reading this article, you should better understand the techniques and regulations for punching in TaeKwondo. Just don’t believe anyone who tells you that TaeKwonDo doesn’t have any punching or hitting methods or that they aren’t significant in your training. As you can see, Taekwondo has several excellent punching methods that any pupil would benefit from knowing.



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